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a must for any figure skating fan — even if you don’t follow the sport, you’ll be entertained by their witty banter and positive while still honest commentary. love love love them to plushie corner & beyond

Funny and positive

Meghan and Neda are a ton of fun. Love their banter and their humor. So positive toward skaters…. And plushies!

Not a lot of podcasts make me actually laugh out loud, but…

These two get me going every time! Love their in-depth and thoughtful coverage. They’re keeping got me excited about a sport that hasn’t been as much pure fun lately. I only wish I had listened to the podcast before going to US Nationals in 2019, maybe I could have met Meghan! (I wasn’t one of the “woo”ers, I promise!)

This podcast saved my life

As I drove through MA, CT, PA, OH, IN, IL on the very, very long drive from the Skating Club of Boston to St Louis, they kept me laughing and learning abc thinking so I did not fall asleep. They are funny, but kind. That’s not easy. It is easy to be mean and funny. They know stuff I don’t, especially about music. And their insights make me think about things I never thought of. And someone’s safe word is quadsal, which I adore. I want this podcast to be my best friend.

My Safeword is Quadsal

I did it for the bit

My favorite figure skating podcast!

These ladies are funny, knowledgeable, and kind. So good!

Love this

Love love love this podcast - hate hate hate the intro. Sorry ❤️

The MOST fun figure skating podcast!

They are consistently kind and hilarious. I always finish an episode in a better mood than when I started. Keep up the good work!

The best skating buddies you’ll ever need!

I now only listen to 2 figure skating podcasts...Ice Tea Pod and Jackie Wong’s Ice Talk. That’s all you need when it comes to FS podcasts. I feel like Neda and Meghan are the skating friends I have been looking for all my life since none of my friends have the common sense to enjoy figure skating. And get the Patreon if you can. You won’t regret it. regards to the best question ever...I would much rather be an Eteri quad girl for a day than Plushenko’s adorable prince of a son. I’m nosy and would give my right leg to do a quad for a day and get the insider Sambo tea.

the most fun figure skating podcast!

This is such a great addition to the (admittedly niche) genre of figure skating podcasts. Two funny people, talking about skating, making snarky internet jokes--that's what this world needs! Highlights: lots of costume chat; lots of theater nerd dramaturgy talk and music theory nerd talk about songs;and the plushie corner and social media updates. This is not really a technical skating podcast like F&W, nor is it all about Big Issues like ITL. It's two fans discussing the stuff that I love about skating. (Now I'm waiting for that pic of Brez to appear in my twitter messages, neda!)

a new highlight of my week tbh

i normally wait for new podcasts to collect a decent backlog before i sit down and listen to them, but ice tea podcast has been so much fun and has made me genuinely laugh out loud by my lonesome and im enjoying the whole experience so much. honestly, have a listen asap, they follow the current skating season whether you watch it/keep up with it or not, and ive learned so much and can keep up and enjoy it without having seen any skating besides minimal amounts of the olympics. their friendship comes through loud and clear and its so endearing to hear them joke around together! i cant wait for more 💕💕

Love it!

These two are super funny and it shows how passionate they are about skating. Can't get enough!